Is Fx Blue Trade Copier the most effective Trade Copier?

Fx Blue Trade Copier

As a fresh or a sharp trader, you may wonder about what Fx Blue trade copier is.

To answer the above-mentioned question, we have to shed the light on what is meant by Trade Copier. A trade copier refers to software that uses smart algorithms to automatically copy signals/trades from a forex provider to MT4/5. These trade copiers such as the Fx Blue trade copier constructs a breakthrough in a scoop of copy trading by facilitating the process of copying trades.

FX Blue trade copier software duplicates orders between two (or more) instances of MT4/MT5 operating on the same computer. It is trusted by 1000s of traders worldwide, and brokers utilize it to offset risk and liquidity from one server to another.

Another thing to consider is that the Fx Blue trade copier has introduced a plethora of features to the market, which has played a significant role in its success.

Fx Blue Trade Copier’s Features

  • Change the lot size, including a risk-based adjustment based on the relative equity of the two accounts.
  • Change the Stop Loss and Take Profit levels.
  • It duplicates both manual and automatic trading activities.
  • Send email notifications about trade activities.
  • Adjusts automatically between different broker symbol names, such as EURUSD and EURUSD.
  • Reverse the original trade direction.
  • Trading hours on a daily basis during which the copier is permitted to trade

True, the Fx Blue trade copier is one of the best trade copiers of all time. But, it is worth noting that, while Fx Blue Trade Copier is ranking as one of the finest, there is another trade copier that outperforms Fx Blue Trade Copier.

TelegramFxCopier is the only trade copier that outperformed Fx Blue trade copier due to the inclusion of fresh and unique features to the forex market. TelegramFxCopier is a piece of software that employs smart algorithms to at once copy trades from any Telegram channel to MT4/5. Unlike Fx Blue trade copier, TelegramFxCopier prioritizes user experience by giving the greatest service and performance they have ever had. The following are some of the revolutionary features that TelegramFxCopier brought to the Forex market.

TelegramFxCopier’s Features

  • Immediate Execution: TelegramFxCopier execute the signals in less than 5 seconds directly from Telegram channels. Our Telegram copier will directly replicate any signal format, whether it is an image or a foreign language, from Telegram to MT4 or MT5 platforms.
  • Risk Management: Duplicate or set it yourself: TP and SL, Trailing SL, and custom Breakeven. You will be able to configure your own SL and TP to remove the possibility of the signal provider simply sending the signal without the SL and TPs. You may also set up a Trailing SL and shut a percentage of profit for each stage. Custom Breakeven is an excellent choice for signals with only one TP.
  • Money Management: Our EA options let you configure your money management plan. You will have the option of trading a fixed lot or a percentage of the risk per trade. Our Telegram signals to MT4 copy signals have numerous TPs as well. The lot size can be easily divided between each order with a different TP.
  • All formats supported: Telegram Forex Copier intelligently reads all Telegram message formats, including text, photos, captions, and so on. It also responds to communications in order to carry out an order adjustment. As a result, the Telegram copier converts trading signals from all of these formats and executes them on MT4 or MT5 platforms.

The above-mentioned features are not all the features that TelegramFxCopier has brought to the Forex market, learn more here.

We can all agree that Fx Blue trade copier is one of the greatest trade copiers in the Forex market, but TelegramFxCopier has proven that it is the TOP N° 1 trade copier in the Forex market.

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